There is a multiplicity inherent to performance, a layering of past, present, future, bodies, objects, light, space, what we know, what we don’t know, the real and the imagined. There is a possibility for contradictions to exist side by side. I am constantly looking for this space. A space that is highly structured and simultaneously fantastical.

Let’s have it all.
A complicated structure, intricate rhythms, a rich visual field, nuanced performances, the unexpected, honed absurdity, fruitful collaborations, clarity in the body, enough context but not too much as to ruin the surprise, content galore, humor, feminism, deep truths, amazing falsehoods, shared space, the past, present and future. Multiplicity, simultaneity.

"Looking at what can be revealed instead of controlled. We are pushed and pulled by one another, and are undeniably connected. Going further into the work with the acknowledgement that our direction might change, looking for points of divergence or the collision of ideas to create new forms within our process and thus a new performance world." - on the process of The Mineralogy of Objects