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The Human Diorama Project or HDP

video and performance collaboration with Liliana Dirks-Goodman 2007-2010

-You, Me, Me, You, Reflections, Persona, Rubber, Ducks, real, imagined,
inside, outside, beneath the surface, tip of the iceberg-

October 2010 - The Clipper City (Boat!!)
Hudson and East Rivers, NY

Movement Research Spring Festival 2009 - ROLLCALL
Internet Killed the Video Star Screening
April 2009 - Monkeytown
Brooklyn, NY

AUNTS - i believe in you
November 2008 - The Event Center
Brooklyn, NY

Christine Elmo’s Roof[Party]
October 2008 - on the roof
Brooklyn, NY

April 2008 - Dixon Place
New York, NY

AUNTS - leapday leapnight party
February 2008 - 248 BS Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

AUNTS - Hoedown Hall
November 2007 - The Event Center
Brooklyn, NY

Human Diorama Project - HDP from Laurie Berg on Vimeo.